Sensor Switch do X10


“NEWS!! Now available with momentry output for connection to X10 etc…

The Multi-way Sensor Switch is a new concept in “one”, “two” (or more) way light switch operation and consists of a small controller housing that can be hidden in the ceiling cavity, either behind the light rose or adjacent to a relevant junction box, allied to satellite Multi-way Sensor Switches. The Multi-way Sensor Switches themselves operate on only 5volts DC, and can utilize existing cabling. Only 2 wires per switch are used. The PCB of the sensor is no bigger than a postage stamp so the switching sites can be very un-obtrusive if necessary. This means that the cabling within the walls is only carrying this low voltage and is therefore very safe. Up-to 6 Multi-way Sensor Switches can be used to operate each controller and there is the provision to include an additional conventional switch or dimmer switch in the circuit. The multi-way circuit uses a relay that is contained within the controller housing to operate the switching function. If a dimming function is required, the insertion of a BIKKEL (see relevant leaflet) into the circuit, will allow this.”


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