B&O Remote Controls X10


Just received this new product info from IntelliHome. “The IR455 ‘B&O to X10 converter’ brings the worlds of Bang&Olufsen and X10 together. From now on you can control all your lighting and electric equipment with your own BEO4 remote control!

The IR455 converts the signal of your BEO4 remote control to X10 signals. You can then benefit from all the advantages that X10 home automation has to offer. The IR455 B&O to X10 converter is supposed to be used in combination with the XM10 Two-Way Interface Module…  Features

  • Convert the signal of B&O remote controls to an X10 signal
  • Use your BEO4 remote control to dim lights and switch equipment
  • Ideal for your home cinema: the right setting for your lighting with one press of a button
  • Beautiful compact casing. Table model. “

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