Linksys Wireless Games Adaptor Review

The ADSL Guide have reviewed the Linksys WGA11B-UK 11Mbps Wireless Bridge Game Adapter…”The Linksys WGA11B-UK is unashamedly aimed at the console gaming market, in particular the PlayStation2, XBox and Gamecube. It is intended to work as a wireless bridge linking a games console to an existing wireless network, or allow two consoles to play in head to head mode. It does have other tricks up its sleeve, you can use the device as a basic wireless access point, or for linking any device with an Ethernet network connection to an existing wireless network.

One major attraction is the lack of configuration required to get it to work with the gaming consoles. The unit has no drivers, and for simple console gaming there is nothing to configure, other than a single push button. The unit does have three user customisable configurations, thus allowing you to use it as a basic wireless access point or configure the wireless security”…

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