Video: UK Loxone Powered Smart Home Case Study

Loxone Smart Home Video Case Study - Wendover

Loxone’s latest video case study takes us on a tour of a cool contemporary smart home in Wendover which has been extensively automated by their Gold Partner, Wiise.

Smart systems include lighting (check out that funky colour changing shower), security / access control, heating, multimedia and even Velux roof windows. Watch the video below and visit the links for more info.  :

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  1. Very impressive. I did note PV’s on roof. Showed to wife who’s response was “what happens in power failure”. Felt deflated but I bet they have an answer. Mark, know ang more?

  2. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for the compliments. If you have a PV system and battery storage then it is possible to keep parts of the house running during a power cut. Without PV panels you could install a UPS or a back up generator to keep the the house or at least the lights on. However, without these the same happens as in a normal house – When you have a power cut the lights go off and when the power comes back your lights come back on.

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