Video: Honeywell evohome Now Available to Order – Arrives at Automated Home

Honeywell evoHome Controller DisplayThe Honeywell evohome system is now officially on sale in the UK. The evohome controller, hot water and under floor heating kits are all available now (HR92 radiator zoning kits are available to pre-order today shipping in April).  The ‘Connected Pack’, which includes the internet gateway, is priced from £249.  Honeywell tell us the iOS and Android apps are live in app stores and while demand for the hardware is still outstripping supply, they are working hard to fulfil orders.

In the meantime here’s a quick Vine video teaser of our Honeywell evohome kit that has just arrived at the Automated Home this morning.  Make sure to read our detailed preview of the evoHome system, check out our heating control forums and the evohome system builder too.

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5 Comments on "Video: Honeywell evohome Now Available to Order – Arrives at Automated Home"

  1. Ok. had a quick look on-line pricing is like this

    Touchscreen – £189
    Gateway – £66
    TRV Unit – £59

    Soon adds up, would be interesting to see some realworld usage data.

  2. Think perhaps you should drop the vine video and use something that works, all I’m getting is a few stills and an occasional clunk noise in the background.

  3. Michael D – The sound is off by default. I tried to get as many views as possible into Vine’s 6 seconds. Click on the image to pause at each one.

  4. Andrew Taylor | March 4, 2014 at 2:02 pm |

    Does anyone happen to know if the updated Evohome can be used with the old TRV units that I am currently using with my Evohome? Thanks

  5. Honeywell Evohome or Lightwaverf’s heating solution???? Which will be better?

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