Caavo is Intelligent HDMI Switcher Plus TV Voice Universal Remote Rolled Into One

Caavo Smart HDMI Switch Universal Remote

Is that show I watch available on my Amazon Fire TV Stick, or was it my Chromecast with Netflix. Or maybe it was my Apple TV or my Roku. Life is getting more complicated.

The new Caavo is a box that combines a universal remote control, an HDMI switcher and a lot of smarts to try to simplify your TV life. It automatically detects and configures each device that you plug into any of its 8 HDMI ports (4K support, but not HDR).

You can use Caavo’s own voice remote, or any Alexa device, to get to your shows by simply saying something like “Watch Altered Carbon”. The Caavo universal search will figure out where the show is, select the correct hardware and start your program.

Use Caavo’s smart universal search to find movies, shows, sports, teams or actors across all your devices, including live TV and DVR. Plus, with Caavo’s watchlists feature, you can see everything you’ve recently watched, organized on one screen and sorted by service.

There’s a limited edition run of 5,000 units on sale now with prices from $399. We asked the company if they have plans to sell in the UK yet and they told us…

At this time, Caavo is not shipping to the UK, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have an update on shipping availability.

They Verge recently demo’d the unit and it provides a great display of how clever the system really is.  Check out their video below from around the 5 minute 30 mark…

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