Shower Control / Power Sensing

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  • Maximusi
    Automated Home Lurker
    • Sep 2016
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    Shower Control / Power Sensing

    Good Evening All,

    I have come along on my Home automation since my last reply using the latest version of Home Assistant which is awesome I have several lights and power sockets now running with automation rules.

    However my next project I am a bit stuck by - In my bathroom I have a electric shower and an extraction fan. What I would like to do is tie the extraction fan to the power shower switch but electrically thats not possible (so I am told by my electrician) so what my thought was I could put a relay switch in both then my controller would know when the shower was turned on and off and can signal the extractor fan to turn on and off. I can also go one step further and if the shower has been on for over an hour then automatically turn it off.

    The only problem with this is the shower is 8.5KW and the biggest relay switch I have seen supports up to 2.5KW. Does anyone know of any products that I can achieve this with?

  • paulockenden
    Automated Home Legend
    • Apr 2015
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    Use a booster pump flow switch (which will sense the water flow) to turn the fan on.

    So plumbing to sense the on state rather than electrical.

    They cost about a tenner.