Radiator valves and virtual devices

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  • Obrien.james
    Automated Home Lurker
    • Jun 2016
    • 1

    Radiator valves and virtual devices


    I am planning on changing my radiator valves to z-wave controlled ones. The ones I have found so far need to be associated with a z-wave room thermostat for set point comparison.

    I was wondering if it is possible to create a virtual device in Z wave that acts as the room thermostat rather than have physical ones in each room.

    The I can use automation logic to set the set point etc...


  • JimH
    Automated Home Jr Member
    • Jun 2016
    • 11

    I don't have an answer for this, but I've been thinking along similar lines.

    Wouldn't you just need a sensor that tells you the temperature of the room? If it's below your set point, you'd open the valve. When the set point is reached, you'd close it.

    I've seen a Z-Wave multi-sensor from Aeon that looked interesting. Temperature, motion, light, etc. I haven't tried it.