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  • Fumblina
    Automated Home Lurker
    • Mar 2021
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    Kitchen lighting advice


    We are taking our first steps into smart lighting during the renovation of our kitchen. All advice welcome.

    We are getting LED strip lighting installed for task / mood lighting to complement the LED spots in the ceiling.

    I would like the strip lighting to be both dimmable and controlled with a motion sensor. I'm imagining being able to tell Google to turn on task lighting to have strip lights come on at 100% and having them come on at a low level automatically when I come in when it is dark, but not be triggered by motion sensor during daylight hours. The spots don't need to be dimmable.

    We are planning to get an Aeotec Smart Things Hub but have no idea what sensors and switch to go for.

    Any recommendations?
    Do we need sometime like an Aeotec Trisensor that can measure light levels as well as detect motion?
    What would be suitable 2-gang smart switches?

    Many thanks
  • guyank
    Automated Home Sr Member
    • Sep 2015
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    I’ve done something similar in our bathrooms. I use the Aeotec Multisensor 6 to trigger the lights on movement when the ambient light in the room is below a certain value. These also measure humidity to trigger the extractor fans. The lights are controlled by Fibaro dimmer modules. If this occurs during the hours that I’ve defined as nighttime, the lights come on at a minimum value.

    I don’t know whether the Aeotec hub supports zigbee, but I’ve used a cheap zigbee controller for my LED strip in the kitchen and it works well with Home assistant (and SmartThings before that). I’ve taken away the light switch for the strip and it’s triggered by scenes sent from a Fibaro Dimmer 2. There is also a Fibaro LED controller that I’ve used on a strip in the lounge.