recently bought an auto valve and I can't work out how to wire it up, I have several auto valves of a different type used to automate a home brew kit, but this one has me stumped.

The valve came from

The drawing on the side of the autovalve is like this

Auto valve.jpg

I hope that makes sense, so what I'm seeing here is that I attach + to 1 then - to 3 and the drive opens the valve then if I attach 4 the drive closes, if I then remove 4 the drive opens, so I'm trying to control 4 with an SSR via an arduino when I use an SSR the valve opens then stays open ( or closed ) until I turn off the power and re start the valve then it operates as normal again until its fully open or closed then it stays open / closed again until the power is removed again, I know I've wired some thing wrong I cant work out what.

any advice would be gratefully accepted

Thanks in advance