Update forum status from Marty Jan 21st

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  • philchillbill
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    • Jan 2017
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    Update forum status from Marty Jan 21st

    Got this update from Marty:


    Hi Phil,

    Sorry for the delay. It's killing me too.

    I think we're more or less at the final step to getting things restored. According to vBulletin (the forum software provider), as soon as we transfer the vBulletin account from Mark's name into mine I will be able to pay to upgrade the software and that should fix things.

    If for some reason upgrading the software doesn't fix the comments issue (unlikely), they will work with me to fix it at that time.

    But until the account is transferred into my name, they can't really talk to me because it's not my account.

    Mark messaged me on Wednesday asking for my personal details so that he could send them to vBulletin and complete the account transfer. I haven't heard anything since and just gave Mark a nudge, but it's the weekend and I know he has a lot of other things on his plate too.

    Sorry again and I really don't know what else to say other than hopefully it's not much longer now.