C-Bus Switches 80% off

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  • Kevin
    • Jan 2004
    • 558

    C-Bus Switches 80% off

    I have some single gang stainless steel faceplate UK model C-Bus
    switches available (black insert) which I've got hold of in a swap for
    some xAP gateways. Before you ask these are the only models I have .
    Although I think they were bought for a project they are in almost new
    condition and still have the plastic protection film over the faceplate,
    screws, boxed etc. These are EBS5031N square UK versions and the
    faceplates are flush fitting and slightly larger than the backboxes so
    you need a small surrounding margin and a box that accommodates the depth
    of the usual C-Bus back. ie not the shallow ones.

    I'm going to offer them to Automated Home / UKHA members at £20 each + P&P , which is well over 80% off the current UK retail (£127) . If you want a large number (10+) then 5% off ie £19 ea + p&p.

    I'm using them to put C-Bus switches in places that hadn't been
    viable before on a cost basis as switches are an expensive contributor
    to the overall cost of a C-Bus install.

    Here's a PDF file from the CIS website with pictures / more info on these.


    Please note these ones are UK versions (square) with horizontal screw holes.

    cheers Kevin