Sky Personal Planner

“The much, over promised Personal Planner is said to being added to the SkyGuide EPG software later this month, according to the online website of What Satellite Magazine.

The Personal Planner, which is widely thought as the most important missing component of the EPG software, has been showing in screenshots of the SkyGuide EPG ever since the launch of Sky Digital, but for reasons unknown never appeared.

However the Head of Sky’s Technical Development informed delegates at a Television Conference held in Madrid, Spain that this feature would finally be added to the SkyGuide software later this month. The original concept of the Personal Planner was that viewers would be able to select their favourite shows from the EPG and the Digibox would prompt them onscreen prior to the program commencing. It was also believe to include timer functionality, thus enabling viewers to finally do timed recording from Sky Digital channels.”


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