Pace Launches Digital Free-to-View PVR

Pace have just announced a new hard disk recorder with twin digital terrestrail tuners on board…

“Pace launches UK’s first digital ‘free-to-view’ personal video recorder – ‘Digital Switch’ became even more compelling today as Pace Micro Technology unveiled the UK’s first digital terrestrial personal video recorder (PVR). The ‘Twin Digital TV Recorder’, expected in retail just before Christmas, will enhance free-to-air viewing with new PVR features not previously available on digital terrestrial.

Pace’s new Recorder provides easy access to over 20 free-to-view digital TV channels, including entertainment, news, information and interactive services. To realise the full potential from the growing free-to-view channel line-up, Pace has incorporated not just a hard disk drive, but also twin digital tuners and a dual decoder into its PVR.

Using the ‘Twin Digital TV Recorder’ that incorporates a 20-gigabyte hard disk drive, free-to-air TV content can be recorded at broadcast digital quality, significantly improving the quality of digital terrestrial programme recording. Viewers can also pause live TV and fast forward in digital quality at multiples of up to 64 times standard speed, rewind at multiples of up to 32 times and watch play-back in slow motion. As new PVR services become available on the ‘Twin Digital TV Recorder’, they will be downloaded, keeping ‘Twin’ users up-to-date with the latest in hard disk benefits”.

The twin digital tuners deliver two streams of TV content, which enable a family to watch two digital programmes independently on separate TVs. This is good news for the 76% of UK households with more than one TV who now don’t have to buy an extra gateway or adapter to go fully digital. In addition to PVR recording for the first time in the UK, the twin tuners also enable viewers to record any programme onto their VCR while watching another digital channel.

The ‘Twin Digital TV Recorder’ comes with an easy to use on-screen electronic programme guide (EPG), building on the format used in Pace’s popular Digital TV Adapter (DTVA) launched in March 2002. The Guide incorporates all of the standard DVB ‘now and next’ programme information, any additional programme information that is made available and is ready for the extra EPG information that is expected as part of the Freeview licence Award. As with the DTVA, the Twin Recorder is easy to install and does not require an engineer home visit.

Pace’s new Twin Digital TV Recorder is scheduled for retail rollout in the final run up to Christmas 2002. The anticipated retail price is £349.

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