Common Sense Prevails as Sky Q to get Netflix Option

Sky Q adds Netflix

In our popular Sky Q review from 2016 we said…

It’s a shame Sky won’t allow apps like Netflix and Amazon Video on the Q and Mini’s which would make this the only system most of us would ever need.

Now it seems common sense has prevailed and Sky will be adding Netflix to their platform later this year…

The owner of Sky News has moved to bolster its customer experience further by signing a partnership deal with Netflix.

Sky plc said its subscribers using the ultra HD Sky Q platform in the UK and Ireland would have access to a new Sky subscription pack containing full Netflix content in the coming year.

The companies said they could combine their content side-by-side for the first time by integrating the Netflix app into Sky Q.

Netflix programmes would be promoted alongside that of Sky’s – bringing together Sky shows such as Britannia, Billions and Big Little Lies with The Crown, Stranger Things and Black Mirror.

Lets hope prices are attractive and more deals with other content providers will follow.

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