Z-Seer – New Z-Wave Diagnostics Software from HomeSeer

 HomeSeer have just released details of their new Z-Seer software. This Z-Wave diagnostics tool is aimed at installers and home owners alike and is due to be released later this month.

“Bedford, NH – HomeSeer Technologies announces its new “Z-Seer” software for advanced Z-Wave network analysis and troubleshooting. Z-Seer is designed to help installers and homeowners quickly diagnose and troubleshoot Z-Wave networks and will be the first tool of its type to ship! With Z-Seer, users can quickly and easily locate and display network problems and connectivity statistics.

“The biggest challenges in Z-Wave network setup have been to optimize the network for best performance and identify the problem spots”, states Richard Helmke, HomeSeer president. “Until now, Z-Wave troubleshooting has been a tedious ‘trial and error’ process. However, with the release of our handheld Z-Troller™ last month the upcoming release of Z-Seer later this month, we’ve taken the guesswork out of these challenges!” adds Helmke… The new tool graphically displays all Z-Wave device nodes with connectively statistics, connection paths and packet transmission performance. Roll over any node in the display and its connected neighbors will light up. A bar-graph displays the node’s relative connectivity and total number of connected neighboring nodes. Right-click on any node and options will appear to test the node’s connectivity and optimize it for improved performance. A built-in function is also included to optimize the entire Z-Wave network.

Z-Seer is designed to work with the company’s new Z-Troller PC interface and its PRO-100 home automation controller or any PC running HomeSeer HSPRO or HS2 home automation software. Z-Seer is compatible with all Z-Wave products from all manufacturers including ACT, Intermatic, Leviton, Cooper, Monster Cable, RCS and Camstat (to name just a few). Z-Seer is slated to begin shipping in November, 2006.”

Z-Seer at HomeSeer

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