mceBackup v2.0

Ian Dixon has released a beta V2.0 of his useful backup tool for Media Center schedules, settings and recordings…

“mceBackup is a tool for backing up and restoring Media Center settings and content. The application backs up TV guide assignments, scheduled recordings and series recordings as well as recorded TV. The backup can be automated to run in the background and will backup to network devices. The tool can be used transfer recorded TV, Series and scheduled recordings to another PC.

The tool is fully compatible with Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate Edition, there is a GUI tool and a command line tool. A 10 foot Media Center interface will be developed soon. The beta version is a free download.


  • Backs up TV channel assignment
  • Backs up Scheduled recordings and series recordings
  • Backs up recorded TV to local drives, or networked drives (via UNC paths)
  • Backup up an additional folder
  • Has its own schedule engine for automating backups
  • Displays the status of critical Media Center services
  • Command line and GUI version available, 10 foot version coming soon
  • Works with Vista and XP
  • Can be used to transfer settings from one Media Center PC to another

Download the beta Here (requires .net framework 2.0 to be installed).  Feedback will be appreciated, please leave comments HERE.

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