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Just received this press release  – "DIGITAL CYBERMASTERS LTD RELEASES DEMO OF INCONTROL HOME AUTOMATION & SECURITY SYSTEM – Ever wanted to control your X-10 equipped home from across the internet? Now you can with the INCONTROL Home Automation & Security system from Digital Cybermasters Ltd!

Try for yourself the state of the art InControl Receiver software which is now available from the Digital Cybermasters website. Running for 30-days from the date of installation, our demo will let you 'dial in' to one of our demonstration sites across the Internet. Once connected, you'll be able to switch between and view realtime streaming video from up to 8 cameras, listen to remote audio from 8 microphones, control X-10 home automation devices and more. Discover for yourself how easy being 'InControl' really is!"

Digital Cybermasters

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