Home Automation Add-ins for XP MCE2005

Take “remote” control of your home with Embedded Automation’s mHome home automation product line. All mHome products are designed to enhance the media center experience.

mControl allows you to control your home from the comfort of your couch! Turn on and off lights, or anything else that is plugged into an outlet, with your remote control. mControl can alert you to events, for examples motion sensors being triggered, all while enjoying your Microsoft® Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 experience.

mControl is the obvious choice for home automation: It’s easy! mControl is designed as a media center application — so anyone that knows how to operate a remote already knows how to operate mControl.

While mControl runs on Microsoft® Windows XP Media Center 2005, you can also access it using your browser, including from your laptop, PDA, cell phone or computer at work.

It’s inexpensive! We’ve designed mControl to work with off-the-shelf components, so you don’t need to buy expensive and complicated back-end home automation equipment.

It’s expandable! Our mControl Starter Kit supplies you with the ability to control 2 electrical outlets, but you can grow your system to control your entire home.

There is no need to learn other software packages! Unlike other offerings, you only have to use mControl to add, remove or modify elements of your home automation system.

Instead of cluttering up your Home Theater PC with unsightly connections, mControl’s unique design allows you to plug in your home automation modules on the PC of your choice.

mTheater is the ultimate home media center system, merging state-of-the-art home theater with leading-edge computer technology. Watch TV with digital video recorder (DVR) functionality, listen to your favorite music, view your digital pictures and use mControl to manage your home automation.

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