Harmony 2007 Home Automation Software Launched

Here are some details of the newest release of the Domia Harmony 2007 Home Automation software product.

Harmony 2007 is a ground-up rewrite of the existing software and is now a .Net application incorporating multi-threading and other contemporary technologies.  It’s a client server system which allows a central PC to run the server side and have the hardware attached, whilst allowing various clients to connect and control it.

The new Harmony is available in 3 levels, Home Edition sells for £89.99 and Pro Edition for £129.99.  Then there’s a big leapt to almost £650 for the “installer Edition” which while adding support for many more devices (like C-Bus, CCTV and touchscreens for example) does seem expensive.


Events Screen

Never the less the Pro Edition which includes the Harmony Media Center plugin and the Mobile/PDA interface is well priced and competes direcetly with the market leader, Homeseer.  Here’s a breakdown of the 3 packages and the features they include:-

CCTV Server Screen

Home Edition £89.99

  • Home Automation Server
  • Windows 2K/XP/Vista GUI
  • X10 Interface
  • Domia Lite Interface
  • Web Interface

Pro Edition £129.99 – All Home edition Features plus..

  • Vista Media Center
  • PDA / Windows Mobile

Installer Edition £649.90 – All Pro Edition Features plus…

  • CBUS Interface
  • Domia Pro Interface
  • Dupline Interface
  • Rako Interface
  • CCTV Server
  • Media Server
  • 15” Touch Screen Interface
  • 8” Touch Screen Interface
  • Voice Recognition

 Music Screen

Oliver Goffe, Manager at Simply Automate comments – “Harmony 2007 offers a flexible and modular design that can handle anything you throw at it.  With masses of new features and set up wizards, Harmony 2007 is incredibly powerful while remaining simple to install and configure. Based around a client/server model, with a one change propagates all architecture, Harmony 2007 allows you to control your digital lifestyle and home wherever you are in the world seamlessly”

Touchscreen Interface
Media Center Screen
Phone/PDA Interface

Harmony 2007 is available to buy now Available now from www.domialifestyle.com  You can also download a 30 day trial version.


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