Crestron Announce RoomView v7.0

“CRESTRON TO LAUNCH ROOMVIEW 7.0 – Crestron’s RoomView is the first and only real-time, multi-user help desk software offering complete facility-wide network control of AV resources and environmental systems. RoomView provides an efficient point-and-click interface and a simple “at-a-glance” view of the entire control system network from any PC on the LAN or WAN.
RoomView 7.0 will offer the choice of real-time executable client or Web-based user interfaces. The RoomView 7.0 GUI will feature a new “MyRoomView” environment, providing a personalized home page for every user. The large “main” area can be custom configured to show an overview of attributes for multiple rooms, a single room detail view or room scheduling… In addition, a choice of plug-in modules can provide views such as daily schedule, calendar, room hot list, action items, instant messaging, server status, and room web cam. Additional enhancements will include multiple server support with rollover capability for disaster recovery, enhanced integrated room scheduling with a tie-in for MS Exchange and integration with Oracle databases.”

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