CPS Plus Serial Data Acquisition Software

Laser are now European distributor for the CPS Plus serial to keyboard buffer program. All serial barcode reader owners should have a copy!

“CPS Plus serial data acquisition software enables serial devices such as barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, gauges, electronic scales, sensors, laboratory instruments and modems to communicate with any Windows application.

CPS Plus will accept data from almost any serial device operating via RS232 port and convert the data to virtual keystrokes. This allows data to be entered directly into any Windows application as if it was typed in using the keyboard. CPS Plus is designed to read and buffer data from up to 8 serial ports simultaneously”…

Key Features

Supports Com1 to Com8, even multiple serial ports simultaneously.

Create charts and graphs in your applications that automatically update with data from the designated serial devices.

Input real-time data into Microsoft Office applications, database, statistical and other software.

Transfer serial data either as keystrokes or interface via DDE into any Windows application.

Optional automatic date & time stamping.

Capable of sending any ASCII strings to serial devices.

Fully configurable data filters for extracting the precise data from the input strings.

No additional hardware or programming required.

Customisation and branding facilities available, please advise requirements.

Buy it here Laser.

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