Nokia Communicator (9000i) – Review

Nokia 9000i

After initially appearing in the summer of 1996 the (then) Nokia 9000 was priced at around £1,200.00 Thankfully things have moved on and so now it’s not such hot news (even though 18 months later there is no competing product on the market!)…

The new 9000i (i for Improved) was released (in UK GSM format) in November/December 1997 and in my case with a new GSM contract cost £250 including VAT.  The phone opens like a clam shell to reveal a Qwerty keyboard and a LCD screen.

One of the most amazing thinks about this phone (I love telling my friends this) is that internally it is an Intel 386 with 8Meg of RAM (running the GEOS OS) When you consider our company is still running its wages system (DOS admittedly) on a 286 with 1Meg of RAM this is a pretty impressive spec for a phone 🙂

The Phone part of the 9000i is basically the same as the much loved 2110i (indeed I had a 2110i myself until Helen, my wife dropped it – thanks dear).

The phone has too many features to list in detail but here’s a summary.

Send/receive email Send/receive fax Send/receive SMS World Wide Web browser Basic note pad app Calender Alarm World Time Games…etc…etc

What I want now is for someone to design me a web interface so Ican control my home remotely using it’s built in web browser 🙂

Obviously this phone is not perfect. Perfect (or pretty close) would be something in the mould of the 9000i but with a CE operating system. Now I’m sure there are many manufactures beavering away on this idea right now, in fact such a device may come to market this year….but one thing’s for certain…it will be a lot more than £250.

I think one day in December sums up the phone pretty well…

My wife was in the centre of town shopping while I was sitting in the car collecting my email!! Later that same day (outside another large store) I was on a call to a freind when the call waiting beeps came on. I told my friend I’d phone him back and hung-up. I then watched as I received a fax I was waiting on…very cool…very very cool 🙂

Approximate Price £250 – £350 (with a new GSM contract)
Available From Most good cell phone retailers

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