“Tonto is a set of tools for the the popular Pronto line of programmable remote controls manufactured by Philips. The main tool in Tonto is a graphical editor similar to ProntoEdit.

Though ProntoEdit is a capable editor, it is limited to running on Windows. Tonto is written in Java and is currently running on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Tonto also includes a developers library and documentation for those interested in either extending Tonto’s capabilities or creating their own CCF files”… “It is the goal of this project to develop not just a better editor, but to also provide a rich, extensible platform for progamming the Pronto family of remotes. Planned features include a complete CCF developer’s API, Module support for user-extensions to the Tonto user interface, online access to a database of IR codes and expert IR analysis tools for the creation of clean codes and discovery of discrete codes. A module is in development that will load TV listings from the web and automatically build and install panels into the Pronto.

Already, most of the CCF developer’s API is complete. The IR recording capabilities of Tonto are significantly better than Pronto*Edit. Upload/Download reliability is about the same. The best way you can help is through testing and frequent feedback and suggestions. ”

Available From The Tonto Project

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