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Mike Huggins (of Lets Automate) had a meeting earlier today with representatives from Philips. Here’s an interesting email I have just received from him about their meeting..

“I have held a ProntoPro ! Unfortunately they didn’t forget to leave it 🙁 The one I held is one of only TEN that exist. The Dock will be included with it. Price about £650. The unit will be the same as the US model except US = 418MHz, and UK = 433MHz. There will be an optional RF base that sits above your stuff and blast IR downwards onto the products you control, plus plugable emitters. Bases can be zoned so you don’t turn on multiple-same products in different rooms. The UK model is now due in September.

I asked about USB, but the answer was no. It will be RS232. The Dock OR the Pro can be connected to the PC (though the connection between Pronto and Dock was so poor that I wouldn’t be surprised if they scrapped that idea – the connection is like what you have on the base of a mobile. Lots of pins.

Also Version 2 of the ProntoEdit software will be on-line, due 14/2/01. It’s also hoped that in the future the Pronto screen will be opened up fully, but not for a while yet.”

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