Philips Prestigo SR-M8015 Universal Remote

RemoteShoppe have news on this Philips remote due in the next few months. It’s another “two-handed” design in the landscape shape that’s becoming increasingly popular as demonstrated by other models like the TSU9600 and the Harmony 1000.

“Philips will be releasing a new controller in the Prestigo Product line that will be a landscape tablet style version of the SRU8015 (aka X10 iconRemote). The SR-M8015 will have the same color LCD screen at the center of the device flanked with hard buttons on both sides including the “His” and Hers” buttons.

Specs include the ability to program this remote for up to 15 devices along with favorite channel icons for TV, Satellite and cable. It is also expected to have a high-end finish with chrome-plated and hot-stamped detailing. OOOOOH. I expect the Philips SR-M8015 to be available in the next couple of months for between $100 – $150.”


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