Keene Introduce New IR Distribution System

A new £100 IR distribution system has been launched by Keene Electronics. With very reasonably priced ad-on emitters and especially receivers (£7.99 – £12.99) the higer priced gear like Xantech have a new challenger on their hands…

“The ultimate distribution system for Infra Red signals. It allows you to control equipment by IR remote, even when the equipment is out of sight, inside cabinets or in remote locations! The IR Commander builds on the proven technology of the Keene IR Distribution amplifier to provide a greatly expanded number of inputs and outputs. Use of optional expansion modules allow up control of equipment up to 50m away, providing a solution for even the most demanding and complex installations. A fully connected unit provides a maximum of 10 IR receiver inputs and 13 IR emitter outputs. It’s even possible to couple two Commanders together to provide 20 x 26 if desired”.

  • Control equipment inside cabinets
  • Use up to 13 separate IR emitters
  • Use up to 10 IR receivers
  • Use expansion modules to control equipment in other rooms


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