$50 RF Vista Media Center Remote


Keyspan have released this $50 RF Vista Media Center remote. Without the need for line of site as with an IR remote, the RF unit works through walls allowing you to control your Media Centre PC from other rooms in the home.

“More Range! More Convenience! Use this radio frequency (RF) remote to enjoy the entertainment offered by your Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate PC. Unlike infrared (IR) remotes that are often provided with a PC, this RF remote provides greater range and works through walls or furniture. It provides a more convenient and fun digital media experience — and provides you more freedom when deciding where to place your PC.

Use this remote with your PC to enjoy live TV, TV/video recording, movies, music, photos and radio. There is no software to install – just plug the receiver into the USB port on your PC and it works within seconds.

• Controls media center TV, music, videos and photos
• RF signal works up to 60 ft through walls and furniture
• Allows you to locate the PC in an AV cabinet or closet
• No software to install — works within seconds

• PC with an available USB port
• Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate
• TV tuner card with FM radio capabiity required for live TV and radio

keyspan.com (Via: Hometoys.com)

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