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DCM today announced the release of a demo version of its Mobile Receiver software for the PocketPC platform. The demo is available as a free download from the company’s website…

Designed to run on any StrongARM, MIPS R400 or Hitachi SH3-based Pocket PC running Windows CE 3.0 with a minimum of 16 Mbytes of memory, the demo allows PocketPC owners to dial in to Digital Cybermasters’ demonstration InControl transmitters across the Internet and experience for themselves what makes DCM’s InControl system such a cutting-edge product. The demo lets you experiment with the following features…

STREAMING VIDEO – View and switch between up to 8 full colour or monochrome cameras in full, realtime streaming video format! Now you can look in on your home from anywhere in the world across the Internet!

MONITOR ALARMS – Using a combination of motion detection and traditional alarm sensors connected to an InControl transmitter hub, the Mobile Receiver lets you see at a glance what activations have occured.

HOME AUTOMATION – Forget to switch off the lights on your way out to work? With the InControl Mobile Receiver, you can dial in to your property and control any X-10 automated device across the Internet!

InControl Mobile Receiver is an add-on software product designed to complement the company’s InControl Home Automation & Security system. For more information on InControl, visit the Digital Cybermasters’ website or call us on 01732 873402.

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