Insteon Update – UK Products in 30 to 90 Days!

After last weeks Insteon Bulb announcement lots of you contacted us asking if it was going to be available for the UK.  We reached out to Insteon and the great news is they are working on a version for the European markets.  We’ve also got the list of the first modules scheduled to be available in the UK in the next 30 to 90 days…

Insteon told us they already have a distributor and retailer network in pace ready for the new European products and they will also be available from Amazon.

We plan to ship the products later this summer/early fall. We are making great progress on UK/Europe products. Here’s a list of products releasing with first group (which hopefully will be in the next 30-90 days).

  • Hub (internet and computer gateway, works with free mobile apps as well as pc/mac software)
  • Plug in on/off
  • Plug in dimmer
  • Micro on/off
  • Micro dimmer
  • Micro shutter controller
  • Din on/off
  • Din dimmer
  • Mini remote 4 scene
  • Mini remote switch
  • Thermostat
  • 0-10V Dimmer/relay (fluorescents)”   :   [UPDATE] Good news at last – check out our new article here

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12 Comments on "Insteon Update – UK Products in 30 to 90 Days!"

  1. Michael Johnson | September 16, 2012 at 8:24 pm |

    its bloddy happening again!!! inste0n say there gunna release themselfs in to this wonderful Uk market, and it seems their letthing up down . . . AGAIN! any updates on this mark??

  2. Talked to Insteon just last week Michael. They are still hopeful for a soft launch in October.

  3. Michael Johnson | September 17, 2012 at 9:23 pm |

    God Please!! let this be the truth!
    cannot wait for insteon, time to make moree plans and blu-prints 😀

  4. 100 days later and still no word?

    great work, insteon!!


  5. @Kevin: we’ve had some difficulty with certifications but are hopeful to have things cleared up soon.
    @Michael: we’d love to see your plans 🙂

  6. Is there any clue as to the price of the hub (if it ever arrives)?
    I’m about to fork out on a lightwave one but might give Insteon another week or two to get their act in gear.
    Perhaps they meant ‘products in 30 PLUS 90 days!

  7. Still holding our breath for a useful behind-switch module!

  8. Would love to be involved with the resale and installation of this amazing product, insteon seem to capture the market at hopefully the right price point. Any news on when this will actually be launched?

  9. Any world when these will be available in the UK yet ?

  10. We will begin shipping product to our distributors over the next few weeks. To get notified of when products will be available (and where), visit INSTEON on facebook:

  11. any news? when can we buy it? my new house is almost done and I WISH i could buy Insteon for it 🙂
    appreciate any info regarding release day…
    Thanks Insteon for your great product!!

  12. first products (also UK-versions) are available here Everyweek new items are coming in !

    The Hub is simply fabulous !

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