Z-Wave Smart Utility Metering Application

Modstroem Z-Wave

Danish based company Modstroem have developed an interesting new Z-Wave based electricity monitoring system.  The device includes a small digital camera that mounts on the meter to read energy consumption…

“Modstroem, an exciting new Danish utility company, is guaranteeing its customers savings on their electricity bill with their innovative core product offering. Combining with Z-Wave based tools to monitor energy use; Modstroem can advise consumers on how to reduce their energy consumption. The savings can then be returned to the household or it can be reinvested in CO2 quotes that Modstroem buys and destroys. An ordinary household with an average consumption of 4000 kWh per year can thus save the environment at least two tons of CO2 per year. After successfully conquering the Home Control market and building up an impressive eco-system of products, Z-Wave is now equally strongly entering the utility market.

A small digital camera is mounted on the meter to read energy usage. Modstroem customers are able to view their home’s energy use on a website.  Thanks to Z-Wave, the control of devices to reduce energy is possible through the same wireless technology and the same gateway that is used for the energy monitoring. Furthermore, by avoiding having to replacing the electricity meter, Modstroem enjoys a much simpler rollout and thereby enables accelerated adoption of its new service.

Modstroem Z-Wave

“With its undisputed strength in interoperability and its range of available products, Z-Wave does not only provide for the simple communication from an electricity meter to a gateway and a wireless display in the home. It also enables the control of devices in th home that actually consume the power.  Especially this second aspect is essential for Modstroem’s advanced service and key to actually achieving energy reduction without compromising comfort for the consumer”, says Roar Seeger, CEO of Modstroem.”


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