Z-Wave Home Control with the QEES Keyring Pendant

QEES Z-Wave Keyfob remote

The Danish boffins at QEES have released two new products using the Z-Wave wireless system.  The QEES-Ring keyring pendant has 4 programmable buttons and an effective range of around 400 feet.  Perfect for easy control of lights, garage doors, shutters or thermostats etc as you leave or arrive at home.

Remote control system and wall switch based on Z-Wave technology enable lighting, heating and more to be controlled in home networks – Copenhagen – The Danish company, QEES, has designed a new remote control system based on Z-Wave wireless technology. This enables easy operation of a number of devices including lights, dimmers, shutters and thermostats, for instance. The system has been specially designed as a keyring pendant and easily fits inside a pocket making it a portable, convenient tool for controlling lights and thermostats when entering or leaving the house or flat. Additionally the new QEES wall switch performs the same control function and also uses the Z-Wave wireless protocol, so it  can be quickly fitted without the need to install wiring.

The QEES keyring pendant makes it possible to manage all Z-Wave compliant appliances in a home network. These can be allocated to a total of four different programme groups, thereby making it possible for the user to control devices individually, as a group or as part of a particular scenario. For example, when leaving home, the user can ensure that all devices currently in standby mode are turned off by pressing a single button. Garage doors can also be connected to the network and operated from inside a car using the keyring pendant. The remote control unit has an operating range up to 400ft.

QEES wall switch for intelligent home networking – The same functionality is also used to integrate the QEES Z-Wave compliant wall switch into home networks. The switch is battery powered and can therefore be installed anywhere without the need for electrical wiring. The Z-Wave wireless system thus allows existing electrical configurations to be easily adapted to new requirements in rooms, whether as a result of furniture being rearranged or renovation work being carried out. Prizing open walls in order to install new wiring cables is therefore a thing of the past. Z-Wave compliant switches from QEES can be rapidly installed exactly where they are required – and removed again just as quickly if necessary.

QEES Z-Wave Switch

Reliable wireless connection without electromagnetic smog – Traditional wireless systems establish a direct connection between the transmitter and the receiver. The signal is therefore gradually weakened by each individual obstacle it encounters, such as walls and furniture. In the worst case, the signal is actually interrupted. In contrast, Z-Wave technology involves the use of a bi-directional wireless system. In other words, automatic feedback is provided to confirm the execution of each individual function. The system uses the 868.42 MHz frequency, which is reserved for short range wireless communication. Interference from equipment transmitting signals on a more permanent basis is thus avoided. With the QEES remote control system, it is possible to ascertain the current switch status at the press of a button. Electromagnetic smog or other possibly harmful radiation is also avoided as    Z-Wave products transmit only when an action is actually required and the power of the signals is very low (1 mW) and therefore insignificant.” – Available from homeestore.com & zwave4u.com

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