Y-Cam EyeBall IP CCTV Camera Brings Quick ‘Push & Point’ Installation

Y-Cam Eyeball

Described as ‘the world’s first Push & Point quick installation Wi-Fi minidome’, the new Y-Cam EyeBall promises performance and ease of use with it’s innovative lens system.  Like the other cameras in the Y-Cam Range it features motion detection, with the camera emailing you a snapshot of the action and recording to the microSD card.  The Eyeball also brings the ability to record directly to a NAS and boasts 2-way audio and PoE capabilities too.  Check out the video after the jump.

“Easy to install, simple to operate, the high performance Y-cam EyeBall camera operates independently, without the need to be connected to a computer.  View and hear, in real time, from anywhere in the world, via any internet-enabled computer or on your smartphone using Y-cam’s free mobile apps. If any motion is detected, the camera can instantly email you a snapshot, or record the alert to microSD card.

With its compact size and innovative Push & Point™ lens system it’s unlike any other dome IP camera, and even includes professional features such as 2-way audio, PoE, and direct to NAS recording with NAS-Ready™, making the Y-cam EyeBall an ideal all-in-one surveillance & recording solution for home or business security.

Special Features of this Model

Push & Point™ Installation – The Y-cam EyeBall has the world’s first Push & Point™ lens system, meaning that the camera lens can be quickly aimed and focused on what’s important to you. Unlike other dome cameras, you won’t need to deal with fiddly screws, wires or release clips, with the Y-cam EyeBall, you just push, point and watch.

Y-Cam Eyeball Rear

Professional Connectors – The Y-cam EyeBall comes complete with Power over Ethernet allowing you to transmit data and power over a single cable, a Digital I/O for systems integration, and 2-way audio capability (provided by a built-in microphone and audio out connector)allowing you to remotely talk to anyone at your cameras site.

Record direct to microSD – Using the on-camera microSD card slot, the Y-cam EyeBall no longer needs to be connected to a network or the internet to store streaming video or motion alerts. Use the camera anywhere, even remote locations, & store video straight to microSD card, which is then viewable in your mobile phone, via connection to a TV or PC, or view footage directly from the camera over Wi-Fi.

Standard Y-cam Features

Motion Detection – If the Y-cam detects movement in its field of vision, it can automatically send an e-mail alert notifying the owner that motion has been detected, with an attached image of the scene. Unlike conventional activity detection, the Y-cam uses vector information to detect motion, therefore achieving better reliability against false alarms.

Email and FTP Alerts – The Y-cam comes with useful alarm tools that will keep you notified if any motion is detected. It has built-in functions that can automatically send an email to you, or upload the video or images straight to a FTP server, meaning that your data will be safely stored offsite.

Secure Wireless Connectivity – Freedom to place the camera where required with built-in Wi-Fi connecting directly to the Internet. Y-cam supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 for total connection security, as well as utilising secure password authentication so only authorised users get access.

Full Colour Low-Light View – The camera’s brightness settings are automatically adjusted when the room light is dimmed, so you are still able to view video in low light conditions. Furthermore the Y-cam EyeBall will superimpose up to 4 images (frame integration) in 1 frame to increase the brightness of the picture.

View on your Mobile Phone – Y-cam offer free smartphone apps to easily view and store multiple cameras from your mobile phone, with free apps available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and more. Support for both MJPEG and 3GPP streams means the camera feed can be directly viewed on virtually any mobile device.

Fully PC and Mac Compatible – Y-cam is fully compatible with both PC and Apple Macintosh computers, as well as with multiple web browsers. Users can view live video with audio, control the motion detection settings, take snapshots from the live feed, and record footage locally, from any browser on any computer.

NAS and NVR Drive Compatible – The Y-cam range is not only compatible with market leading NVR drives from manufacturers such as QNAP, Synology and AVerMedia, but our unique NAS-Ready™ feature allows a Y-cam to record directly to virtually any NAS drive. NAS-Ready™ lets a Y-cam talk to any NAS drive using the CIFS/SMB protocol, allowing for vitually unlimited storage of footage and alerts”.

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