XBMC for Mac – Major Update with Extended Remote Support


XBMC for Mac took another major step forward today with the release of v0.5.0 beta 1.  This brings extended support for the Apple Remote as well control from universal remotes and the XBox 360 remote.

It also includes a raft of other features and fixes (we’ve noticed that ripping movie thumbnails and info from IMDB is working much better for example) and is based on almost the latest from the Linux port code.

“This release is based on very nearly the latest “linuxport” code, which means you have a month full of bugfixes and new goodies and hard work by the rest of the XBMC team. Our motley OS X crew have mainly been drinking tequila, but in between bouts of body shots, we had a bit of time to bring you some new stuff….

Remember, this is a beta release, so there are likely still little issues lurking. Python is still known to be unstable, unfortunately. Seeking using the analog triggers is still a bit strange. Weather appears to be broken. We’ll likely be making a few more tweaks to the 360 keymap. Please post issues you have with the beta either here or on the XBMC forums, and help each other out. Hopefully we’ll make the final 0.5 release within a week or two, possible with a few more beta iterations.

In terms of controller options, we realize there are many more out there, but the three described above (Apple Remote, Universal Remote, and XBox 360 controller) are the only ones we will support or write code for, as we believe they provide a complete gamut of options, and frankly we’d rather work on getting PacMan to work than on getting every last controller to work.”


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