Voomote Zapper Makes iPhone and iPad Your Universal Remote Control


VooMote have announced another hardware addon that turns iOS devices into universal remote controls.  The new ‘Zapper’, due to launch this month, combines a remote and a TV Guide functionality which they say will transform your iDevice into a ‘digital hub’…

“Following the launch of VooMote One, zero1.tv‘s universal remote control for the iPhone / iPod touch, the next generation of innovative home solutions is already underway. The new product is called VooMote Zapper and com- bines, not only, universal remote control functionality but also TV Guide, social media and much more.

Thanks to the comprehensive databank and additional features you can install virtually any AV device in just seconds.
It’s our belief that a universal remote control should do more than simply re- place existing universal remote controls. We believe in products that don’t require complicated, long-winded instruction manuals, which is reflected in the design of the product and the user-friendly interface.”

  • VooMote Zapper combines universal remote control and intuitive TV Guide functionality transforming your iDevice into a digital hub.
  • More than 30,000 infrared codes for hundreds of thousands of electronics devices.
  • VooMote Zapper is compatible with iPhone (3GS, 4G, iPod touch 4G,5G and iPad 1G, 2G).
  • No batteries needed.
  • Intuitive setup: no manuals, no websites, no changes to set- tings, no chords and no fuss.
  • The VooMote Zapper App is constantly updated with new additions to the device database so that it never becomes obsolete.
  • Room control allows users to organize AV gear into room groupings by location such as kitchen, bedroom, etc.
  • VooMote Zapper is as small as a paperclip and is iDevice agnostic, making it incredibly versatile and mobile.
  • Replaces all your remote controls.
  • VooMote Zapper is an official Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad product (MFi certified).

www.voomote.tv  :  RedEye iOS Remotes

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  1. This looks good but I would like to see more insight into functionality and whether the Sky program data or multiple tv sources is supported.

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