Video Preview of Android Home Automation Client for HomeSeer HSTouch

Here’s a new video preview of the Android client for the HomeSeer smart home HSTouch system. Compatible with Z-Wave, X10, Insteon, UPB and others for controlling your lighting, climate, security and irrigation etc.  Of course you can launch any ‘HomeSeer Event’ too.

You can even use it to lock and unlock your Schlage and Kwikset Z-Wave locks.  The software has a built in RSS reader to display all your favourite weather and news feeds and you can control your music across the house too with its hooks into iTunes, Windows Media Player and JRiver Media Center.

The customisable UI allows you to create your own screens in both portrait and landscape formats and you can control you home from its own Wi-Fi network or from anywhere in the world with cellular access.   :   Android Handsets on Amazon

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