Video : KNX / XBMC iPad Suitcase Demo

We’ve featured projects before from Automated Home reader Klaus and here’s his latest.  Recently returned from a job in Dubai, this is a video he’s shot of the suitcase demo he used for the presentation.  Read on for the equipment list used for the demo…

The project: A custom installer in Dubai was searching for a solution to combine Home Automation and Media seamlessly and invited me to Dubai.  They have seen my videos on Youtube.  The suitcase (flight case) will be used to show the system in the villas of the customers.  They want a mobile solution to get the system in the hands of as many customers as possible.  Here is a list of the parts used :

  • Thomann Rack Case
  • iPad
  • Vogels RingO Wall Mount
  • One Mac Mini
  • 2 WHD speakers
  • Maintronic AV30 Amp
  • Mobotix Hemispheric Q24 (not shown in the video)
  • Fritzbox 7170
  • 11 Leds

KNX parts:

  • Siemens Binary Inputs
  • Siemens N148/22
  • Siemens Logo Power Supply 24V
  • ABB Power Supply SV/S 30.320.5
  • ABB Switch Actuator SA/S 2.16.1
  • ABB Sunblind Actuator 4.230.1M
  • ABB Dimming Actuator UD/S 2.300.2
  • Hager Thermostat/Touch Sensor WYT620
  • Hager Touch Sensor WYT360
  • Motion Sensor WUT52
  • Design Kallysto   :

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