Video: Ikea Introduces New TRÅDFRI ZigBee Based Smart Home Lighting Range

Ikea Tradfri ZigBee Smart Home Lighting Range

Ikea have launched a compressive new range of LED smart home lighting.

The TRÅDFRI Smart Lighting collection arrived in UK stores last week and includes energy-efficient LED bulbs, lighting panels and doors which are all managed through a remote control by the homeowner.

The collection also comes complete with an app which allows users to completely personalise their home lighting set-up by designing the lighting they want and controlling their lighting system, all through their phone or tablet.

In the autumn, the app will be updated with an “Away from Home” function which will allow users to set lights to timers, check to see if they remembered to turn off lights or remotely turn lights on if their plans change.

The Ikea range starts at £15 for a kit with a steering device and an LED bulb and it looks like it will play nicely with SmartThings too. Check out the videos below.

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