Useful Gadget of the Week: Tiny FreeView Digital TV Tuner and Recorder

Since the Digital Switch over was completed last year the only way to see TV in the UK is from a digital service like FreeView.  There are still plenty of tellys that are working fine but don’t have a digital tuner.

Several small units are now available for under £20 that manage to squeeze a FreeView tuner and recorder into an enlarged SCART plug.

At that sort of price it’s not going to be a TiVo but it may just get you a few more years out of that early flat screen or your beloved 27″ Trinitron.

The Scart Freeview Receiver works in the same way as a digital freeview set top box but much smaller and discrete and comes with Recording Feature (instant or timer/EPG), it receives all the freeview digital channels (up to 70 channels).

The device is hinged, to allow it to fit in confined spaces behind your TV it has got Recording Function, you can record a TV Program onto an external USB Memory Stick or SD CARD via the built in USB port or Sd Card Slot.  This item works also as a Media Player.

You can play music in MP3 format, view photos or watch certain types of video files from an SD CARD or an external USB Drive.

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  1. Aerial Leeds | May 2, 2013 at 4:26 pm |

    £20 for small unit that manages FreeView is a bargain. I would recommend it to every one.

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