Useful Gadget of the Week: SleepPhones Headphones for Bed

It’s not often that something soft and fluffy makes it to the gadget of the week section but bear with me. I love podcasts (I even used to make some) and I listen a lot of them in bed. I’ve used in-ear buds and my trusty wireless Sennheiser headphones, but neither are anything approaching comfortable to wear in bed.

The SleepPhones from AcousticSheep are headphones made for bed.  They use slim stereo speakers hidden inside a fleece headband to create a comfortable audio system to wear while nodding off.

SleepPhones are available from around £30 for a wired model to around £70 for this wireless version featuring Bluetooth 3.0 with the A2DP profile.  The wireless range is quoted as 5-10 metres and I found that pretty accurate.  In practical terms you can leave your smartphone charging on your night stand, rather than under your pillow. While the jury is still out on the potentially harmful effects of mobile phones on humans, there’s a lot less RF listening this way.  AcousticSheep say…

500mW is the typical cell phone transmission power.  2.5mW is the Bluetooth Class 2 radio, 10m range. So it’s actually 0.5% (half of 1%) of the power compared with cell phones.

This Bluetooth version is rechargeable via a micro-USB cable (included) and will charge in around 2 hours giving you 8 to 12 hours of listening time. I got two nights per charge. The little Bluetooth and Battery module live in the rear of the fleece headband. I’m a ‘on-my-side’ sleeper so I never feel the unit in bed. The speakers are so flat that they are completely comfortable to have between your head and the pillow.

SleepPhones Black Wireless

The single raised button on the BlueTooth module can be felt and pressed through the fleece with all functions including – On, Off, Pair and Volume – controlled by it.

SleepPhones Bluetooth ModuleThe makers suggest you can pull the band down over your eyes so it doubles as a sleep mask and they have a section of their website with some free downloads to help send you to sleep – insomniacs rejoice.

So here’s the bottom line. I’ve tried many different ways over the years of listening to music and podcasts in bed. SleepPhones are hands down the most comfortable way I’ve found to do this and now my SleepPhones are my new favourite gadget!

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6 Comments on "Useful Gadget of the Week: SleepPhones Headphones for Bed"

  1. Looks very neat. Can you convert the wireless to wired ?

  2. Hi StuartP! I am from the manufacturer, AcousticSheep LLC. Unfortunately SleepPhones® Wireless cannot be converted to wired without purchasing separate wired speakers. Here is a link to where we sell the speakers: Thanks for your interest in our products!

  3. Nice ones, I would like to buy a pair. Do you deliver them from within European Union? Otherwise the import taxes would double the price.

  4. Hi michal! I am from the manufacturer, AcousticSheepLLC. You can check out our products through our UK reseller here: Sleep Well!

  5. Phil Harris | August 10, 2014 at 10:16 pm |

    “Drown out your partner’s earth-shattering sleep farts” … Really?!?!?

  6. Hi Do you sell these in Singapore? if so would you be able to provide a Retailer?

    Thank you….

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