UniPi Neuron is Raspberry Pi Based Multi I/O Controller for Smart Home Applications


UniPi technology is a small Czech-based company that produces the modular Neuron PLC. They describe their module as…

…a product line of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) units build to be universal and used in both Smart Home and Business applications and automation systems. It allows to locally and remotely control connected systems and devices based on a program set by end user of installation company.

Amongst the units talents are options for automated heating, lighting, irrigation, shutters, gate and garage doors and general remote controls.


There are several versions of the Neuron module and they can be added to and expanded.

The Neuron can contain 1 (S-series), 2 (M-series) or 3 (L-series) I/O groups. Each group is equipped with its own processor, to which interfaces of one or more I/O modules are connected. This processor handles all events on I/O modules of said group and monitors the communication with the CPU. We offer 12 models of Neuron PLC unit, which can be equipped with:
o up to 64 digital inputs
o up to 4 digital outputs
o up to 56 relay outputs
o up to 9 analog inputs
o up to 9 analog outputs
o up to 3 RS485 universal bus ports
o various combinations of the above-mentioned

The modularity means the I/O boards are fully interchangeable allowing the user to create a custom units according to their needs. All units are equipped with RS485-Modbus and the 1-Wire communication interfaces as standard.

Neuron Diagram

Open Source Software

There are several software options, but the most popular is UniPi’s own opensource API called EVOK. It’s described as “simple-to-use software allowing easy hardware access without the need for complex programming”. EVOK uses six protocols – REST Web Forms, Bulk JSON, REST JSON, SOAP, JSON-RPC and WebSocket.


The hardware is currently supported by the following platforms:

Make sure to check out the EVOK GitHub repository too.

Available Now

The Neuron is available now from €219 and from the 4th December to 17th December 2017, each unit purchased will come with either a free USB flash drive or Bluetooth speaker. For more information contact UniPi on the link below.

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  1. I’m going to have to get one of these (just for testing purposes to start with!) to begin the process of hooking up my homemade sensor nodes. I wanted a 1wire solution for a number of multisensors I plan to build (ceiling mounted devices incorporating PIR, microwave sensors, air quality sensor, temp/humidity, lux sensor, and concealed notification LEDs)

    I was planning on a central Arduino to bring the logic together but perhaps this thing would be perfect as the hub!

  2. @Mat – good to hear 🙂 Lets us know what you think of it when you get it. Thanks.

  3. No, don‘t support FHEM!

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