Touchscreen Door Lock

This shiny aluminium and glass gadget is more reminiscent of the new iMac than a door lock.   But if you need a touchscreen lock on your door this could be for you.

“The Korean company Seoul Commtech presents a different kind of door lock, which looks more like a cell phone at first sight, with a thickness of only 21.5 mm! The EZon Home Network System SHS-1110 has a touchscreen and is made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass.

The SHS-1110 comes in two colors, black and silver, and it measures 2.70 inches (W) x 6.89 inches (H) x 0.84 inches (D). The price tag is 170.000 Won or about US$ 180. More details were lost at translation, but I’ll update this post as soon as I can gather more information about this cool touchscreen lock.” (Via:

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