Top 20 Automated Home Posts of the Year 2012

Our annual look back at the top 20 Automated Home Posts of the Year for 2012 reveals even more interest in energy saving technologies with heating controls appearing three times in the top 6.

There was a fascination for the new wireless home automation protocols announced during this year and our rant on the lack of a standard for information interchange in the smart home made it into the top 20 too.  But top of the heap is Ant Skelton’s huge, detailed and brilliantly useful review of the new Fibaro Home Center 2 Z-Wave controller.  To celebrate Vesternet have agreed to re-instate the offer they ran for Automated Home readers when the review was published (check out the details at the bottom of the review for the discount code and details).

1. Fibaro Z-Wave Home Center 2 Mega Review

2. Nest Learning Thermostat Review

3. Fibaro Home Center 2 – Z-Wave Home Automation Controller

4. Belkin WeMo Home Automation Modules to Hit UK this Year

5. New Vera Lite Z-Wave Home Controller

6. SMS Text Message Control of Your Heating and Other Devices

7. LIFX is Amazing New WiFi IP LED Multi-Colour Light Bulb

8. New RFXCOM USB RFXtrx433 Transceiver Supports LightwaveRF

9. Freedomotic – Open Source Home Automation Software

10. New Mains Sockets with Built-in Powerline Technology

11. iRidium 2.0 Controls Your Home From iOS, Windows, Android, Mac OSX , BlackBerry

12. LG ST600 TV Upgrader – Review

13. Loxone Wins Smart Home Award – Case Study

14. RANT: Another Day, Another “Incompatible” Home Automation Range

15. Ube Launch New Home Automation Modules and Free App for IP Control

16. UK Insteon Modules – Hands On Video and Photos

17. UCam247 Launch Plug and Play WiFi IP CCTV Camera [Updated]

18. Ubiquiti mFi – Home Automation Monitoring and Control

19. Video : Transform Your Home into a Smart Home with Lightwave

20. Sonos Dealers Sign NDA – Is This What’s Coming Next?


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