The Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio

Hot from launch at the CES show, here’s a new wifi clock/radio/alarm for your bedside table…”Wake up to a totally new radio experience. Imagine your clock radio being able to tune in to any radio station in the world that streams online, or listen to podcasts on your radio without the need for a computer interface or peripheral.

Features of The Phoenix radio include:

  • alarm clock
  • eight preset radio station buttons and search mode
  • rechargeable batteries and integrated internal charger for portability
  • lightweight – under two pounds
  • integrated stereo speakers and spatialization enhancer technology for digital sound quality
  • can plug into any hi-fi stereo system or headphones with analog outputs
  • connects to any 802.11b/g wireless network with its easy Wi-Fi connection
  • no computer interface necessary
  • allows for Bluetooth¨ connectivity with adapter offered through Com One
  • bookmark favorite stations and songs for instant access
  • listen to missed shows with radio-on-demand or podcasts
  • embedded software for easy connection to the Internet-based service distribution platform, content & service customization, firmware upgrade over the air, push & pull interactivity and management of subscription or click & buy functions
  • lets you listen to MP3, WMA or uncompressed audio (WAV and AIFF) and supports Real Audio

Com One, the European technology company providing the widest range of Bluetooth solutions from a single source, launches its first Wi-Fi-based solution with The Phoenix IP Radio. It’s fully portable so you can carry it from room to room. It’s lightweight (less than two pounds) and has integrated stereo speakers. The Phoenix allows you to listen to any Internet-based audio source, and requires only a broadband connection and a Wi-Fi gateway for easy mobility in home or office.

Customize your preferences by bookmarking favorite stations and songs, and retrieve song titles and artist data from playlists.
Com One’s hardware and software have been designed around open technologies to build the smartest evolutionary solution for both radio listeners and content providers. The next phase of listening will allow for subscriptions to ‘member only’ programs customized for personal taste.

Streaming audio is the wave of the future for radio. Think about it – you can listen to your home station while traveling, or tune in for news and weather from a destination where you’re headed. The Phoenix radio, with its ability to push and pull data and stream various forms of digital music, is one example of Com One’s insight into the rapidly evolving world of wireless convergence, said Com One Executive Vice President Christophe Dissaux.”

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