The New Philips Pronto TSU9300 Remote

Philips Pronto TSU9300

Philips have just added the TSU9300 Pronto to their site.  The new universal remote has a flush mounted 2.8 inch colour touchscreen.  As with the rest of the TSU Pronto range, it includes WiFi and supportsEscient, Imerge,  Windows Media Center and the the Lutron RadioRa lighting system out of the box.

A touch of elegance – The Pronto TSU9300 features a high-resolution flush-mounted 2.8” color touch screen. The superb contrast allows easy reading, while the slim and stylish design makes it easy to operate with only one hand. With its bright touch screen, white back-lit buttons and stylish design, the Pronto TSU9300 is a perfect fit for any advanced home system.

Music, mood and ambiance – The Pronto TSU9300 is WiFi based and offers an out-of-the-box integration with several audio servers such as Escient, Imerge and Windows Media Center Edition computers, as well as the Lutron RadioRa lighting systems.   This control panel with its intuitive rotary wheel is the ideal solution to manage even the largest music and movie collection.

The perfect extensions for complete system integration – To support total home control and multi-room wireless and wired remote control installations, two types of extenders are available to seamlessly integrate with the TSU9300: the RFX9400 wireless extender and the RFX9600 serial extender.”

The remote is sheduled to be available from around May this year.

Philips Pronto TSU9300 : Our Pronto TSU9600 Review

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