Techtoniq Release Current Cost Agent v1.1

CurrentCost Techtoniq Agent

Techtoniq have just released v1.1 of its CurrentCost Agent.  It’s a client-server application for Windows XP which allows you to log and analyse data collected by either your Classic or Brand new CC128 CurrentCost device.

“Due to popular demand, Techtoniq has today released a free trial version of the new Current Cost Agent software.  The software is compatible with both Current Cost devices (the Classic and the Envi) and logs data in real time to allow you to chart trends in your electricity consumption.

The free trial has a limited range of functionality as the beta testing programme is yet to be completed. Further revisions of the free trial will be made available as the testing completes.  The fully-enabled version with all functionality will be available to purchase in April.


  • See live values for electricity consumption and room temperature from your Current Cost device as it updates every 6 seconds.
  • Review your consumption history; minimum and maximum values for today, this week, this month, this year, all time.
  • Display peak usage and cumulative consumption charts for the last hour, last day, last week, last month, last year.
  • Connect to your friends – see all of the above data from their Current Cost Agents too.
  • Communication is via HTTP – works through firewalls and proxies. Monitor your home electricity consumption in real time whilst you are at work.
  • Set green/amber/red consumption warning thresholds; receive email alerts when a threshold is exceeded.
  • Enter your electricty charging tariff details and have the agent keep a running estimate of your bill.
  • Server sits unobtrusively in the system tray gathering data and responding to client requests with minimal resource usage on the host PC.
  • Forum addicts – have a customised forum signature image showing your live electricity consumption and room temperature.
  • Google widget also available.
  • Compatible with Current Cost Classic and new Envi/CC128 devices.
CurrentCost Agent

Full registered version £9.99 inc. vat – Coming Soon! FREE TRIAL available on the Downloads section now.”   :   CurrentCost Hardware

3 Comments on "Techtoniq Release Current Cost Agent v1.1"

  1. This looks good, anyone know if this hardware and software will work in Australia ?

  2. The software will work on any XP machine. I have no idea whether the hardware works in Australia; however, we have one person in New Zealand who has downloaded it, and Current Cost do have a strategic partner down under, so maybe get in touch with Current Cost ( and confirm if the device works on the Oz leccy supply.

  3. I am tempted by these, but then, I cant see as implied in the graphs, the relationship between the temperature and the power usage. In most homes (In the UK) I would imagine that temperature is a Gas issue rather than electric.

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