[Sponsor] D-Link’s complete, affordable, easy, SMART home automation products

Control appliances from afar

You’re 5 minutes into your journey and you get that nagging feeling you may have left the iron on! At the click of a button you can turn it off using your smartphone. Introducing mydlink Home automation products, you can take control from afar! You can easily trigger certain actions to take place within your home after a particular motion is detected by the camera. i.e. when the door opens, the hallway lamp comes on.

Monitor power usage
You can also use it to monitor the power usage of all your electrical appliances, turning them on and off manually or automatically, whenever, wherever, with just a few swipes and taps on the customisable, free mydlink Home app.

Play music from your phone to your speakers
Over your WiFi connection, you can bring those home speakers back to life, streaming music from your smartphone through the ‘Music Everywhere’ extender that plugs into the wall and connects to your speakers via the audio jack. More about this below…

Home security
Enjoy total peace of mind that your home is protected when you’re not there.
Keep an eye on things using an IP camera with motion detection, recording actions based on certain criteria, even setting them to email you when they happen. This is clever stuff implemented to make your life easier, safer, with added peace of mind.

The complete mydlink range
This is smart home technology at its most futuristic, available now from www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk. Download the free, user-friendly mydlink Home app to control devices via your smartphone or tablet:

  • D-Link DSP-W215 mydlink™ Home Smart Plug
  • D-Link DCH-S150 mydlink™ Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor
  • D-Link DCH-M225 mydlink™ Home Music Everywhere
  • D-Link DCS-935L mydlink™ Home Monitor HD
  • D-Link DCS-5010L mydlink™ Home Monitor 360

mydlink key features

  • Add and set up new mydlink connected home devices;
  • Turn power on or off using your smartphone or tablet;
  • Create schedules to automatically turn power on or off;
  • Check and receive notifications & alerts based on pre-determined event policies;
  • Check how much power your mydlink connected home devices are using;
  • Set a monthly power budget and receive alerts when the limit is approaching;
  • Set thresholds to auto switch off power when a mydlink Smart Plug detects excessive temperature inside the plug;
  • Configure detection settings for mydlink motion and window sensors;
  • Create policies based on the interaction between devices, such as turning a light on or off and emailing you an alert when activity is detected by a motion sensor.

D-Link mydlink Home Automation - Smart PlugSmart Plug
This ingenious little device is at the heart of D-Link’s smart home technology system. The Wi-Fi-connected DSP-W215 smart plug lets you control electrical devices, monitor their power usage and prevent them from overheating.
SCENARIO: You’re on the way to the airport when you remember you didn’t set the lounge light or the TV to come on each night to give the impression you’re at home. Since both devices are connected to smart plugs, it’s not a problem at all. Just reach for your smartphone, tap into the mydlink Home app and select each light in turn to schedule on/off times for every day you’re away.

D-Link mydlink Home Automation - Wi-Fi Motion SensorWi-Fi Motion Sensor
Big things come from this small sensor. Use it in conjunction with the mydlink smart plugs and cameras to switch devices on or off, or to start recording footage and send you an alert. Have better control of your home.
SCENARIO: You’re delayed home and the kids will be letting themselves in in the dark. You’ve got a DCH-S150 Wi-Fi motion sensor set up on the doorway and the hallway lamp is rigged up to the DSP-W215 smart plug. You can just log in to the mydlink Home app via your tablet and set a policy so that as soon as the kids walk in, the hall is flooded with light. At the same time, you can get a notification on your phone that they’re home and safe.

D-Link mydlink Home Automation - Music EverywhereMusic Everywhere
Bring your speakers back to life! This magical Wi-Fi audio extender enables you to wirelessly stream music from a smartphone, tablet or computer, to a set of connected speakers anywhere in your Wi-Fi network. The DCH-M225 supports both AirPlay and DLNA, so it works with iOS and Android, Macs and PCs alike. Now you can make the most of Spotify and all those downloaded music files! The plug-in device can also be used to extend your Wi-Fi in hard to reach areas of your home.
SCENARIO: You’re with some friends and all your most recent downloads are on your iPod Touch. Simply plug ‘Music Everywhere’ into the wall and connect it to your speakers with a standard 3.5mm speaker jack cable. Add the device to your WiFi network and fill your home with your favourite tunes.

D-Link mydlink Home Automation - Monitor HDMonitor HD
Day or night, you can remotely monitor your home from any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone, and be alerted if sound or motion is detected. This DCS-935L indoor HD Wi-Fi network IP camera lets you to see up to 5 metres, even in complete darkness.
SCENARIO: You’re at work and you want to make sure everything’s OK with the child-minder. Simply log in to the camera, zoom in and see your little one playing happily. Now you can get on with your day or check in again later.

D-Link mydlink Home Automation - Monitor 360Monitor 360
The perfect home surveillance IP camera, the DCS-5010L Monitor 360 includes mechanical pan/tilt and digital zoom so you can easily view what’s happening across wide areas of your home, even at night. See up to 8 metres, even in complete darkness.
SCENARIO: You’re at work and you get a notification on your smartphone that some unusual activity has been picked up by the camera at the back of the house. Your mind is put at rest instantly when you log in to see the footage which confirms it’s just the window cleaner and not someone snooping around your property.

The mydlink Home Automation range is available now from www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk:

  • D-Link DSP-W215 mydlink™ Home Smart Plug
  • D-Link DCH-S150 mydlink™ Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor
  • D-Link DCH-M225 mydlink™ Home Music Everywhere
  • D-Link DCS-935L mydlink™ Home Monitor HD
  • D-Link DCS-5010L mydlink™ Home Monitor 360

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