Sky TVs Multi-room, Multi-channel HD Server?

Is this the next generation of Sky multichannel recorder / server?  A post on our mailing list this morning suggest just that, and if true, its going to be an extremely juicy box! Here’s the rumor from our mailing list…

“I’ve just been talking to a Sky subby and he said that next year (possible January) Sky will be launching a HD server.  4 LNB inputs, (with) 4 cat5 outputs, 1Tb storage and the facility to record up to 8 channels at once.  Server will distribute TV round the house to cat5/HDMI boxes”.

There’s a good chance this is the hardware Sky are referring to…

“Pace Multiroom is a truly innovative and flexible solution for multiple TV households.

With four DVB-S2 satellite tuners and H.264 decoding, Pace Multiroom delivers ‘Whole Home’ high definition TV with personal video recorder functionality from one central source.

Up to four units can be supported (a main server and three ‘thin clients’). These units are networked together to enable users to ‘shift’ their viewing from one room to another (the ‘Follow Me’ function) without missing any content.

The main server holds a 300GB hard drive (with separated content areas for parental control, if required), which can be accessed independently by any of the connected units in the home, at any time.

This provides full PVR functionality for each user, including live pause, fast forward, rewind, instant replay and easy recording at the touch of a button.” –

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