Sky Plus Details Revealed

“An insider at Sky has supplied digiNEWS with information relating to the next generation of Sky Digibox. Originally known as MySky, the new platform will be branded as Sky Plus.

This new generation of the SkyDigital hardware is expected to include Dolby Digital support added further to the thoughts that Sky are to start trialing Dolby Digital transmissions this summer.

The system will also include a TiVo like system based on the NDS XTV system. The box will contain a 40Gb harddrive, which should allow upto 40hrs worth of recording. This will be linked to the existing EPG. Material stored in the harddrive can then be archived off to tape.

Given the extra functionality of the new decoder a new style remote has been designed to incorporate the PVR functions. Current suggestions are that the decoder will cost £299, along with a monthly service charge of £10, or £199 for a one-off payment. Like the existing generation of the decoder Sky will be able to download new software versions via the satellite signal.

Also like the existing generation of the decoder, installation will only be premitted by Sky In Home Service engineers, or appointed independant installation companies. The installation will include replacing the LNB on the existing dish with a 4-output LNB. Two of the feeds will be required by the new decoder. If it unclear as to whether the pricing above includes installation.”

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