Simple Control Protocol

Glenn Sullivan just posted this the UKHA_D mailing list.

“In case anyone is interested, Microsoft’s SCP web site (Simple Control Protocol, a uPnP standard for household devices) just went live.”

“Definition of SCP – Simple Control Protocol (SCP) is a lightweight device control protocol that enables manufacturers to create small, intelligent devices that can communicate with each other securely and robustly over low-speed communication networks such as household power lines. With SCP, devices with limited computing power and memory resources-such as light switches, alarm clocks, and appliances-can be part of a peer-to-peer network of other SCP devices. Devices in an SCP network can also participate in more sophisticated Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) networks through a software component called a SCP-to-UPnP bridge.”… “SCP is independent of the physical layer implementation (PHY) that it operates over. Initially, SCP is being integrated with a low-speed power line carrier (PLC) PHY, where standard electrical wiring in the home is used as the digital communications medium. Other PHYs-such as low-cost, low-speed wireless-will be considered for future integration.”

Microsoft SCP Site

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